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Nissan Upgrades & Performance Parts

Nissan makes just about every list of best drifting cars and for good reason. This powerhouse manufacturer has become synonymous with drifting, whether it’s in amaeuter or professional competitions -- more so than any other make. We also consider Nissan our specialty.

From functional to aesthetic upgrades, SRZ Performance offers the customization parts you need to build a Nissan to your exact specifications. Whether you’re creating the high-performance Nissan of your dreams or you’re looking to improve a certain car feature, our Nissan performance parts combine functionality, low prices and reliability.

As you continually strive to improve your car, we do the same with our upgrade options for our customers. We believe that customizing your Nissan doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Instead, you’ll find the right parts to create something that is fast and fun and rides better than anything else out there.

Nissan Racing and Drifting Parts

New to the drift world? Nissan produces a great car for you to start because of easier customization options. Because Nissan is a true standout in the drifting world, Nissan racing mods are actually quite affordable compared to other Japanese cars. As a bonus, our knowledgeable staff is here to match you to the right products to meet your dreams. An expert already? Have at it! We carry Nissan parts for the 240SX, Skyline, Z-Car and more.

With each modification, you’ll quickly notice its impact on performance, so you can truly see just how far you can push your Nissan on the track. Even if you don’t plan on drifting or racing, you’ll still be able to make daily driving way more fun (we promise). Shop our inventory of affordable aftermarket Nissan parts today with confidence. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100.